Each client will have individualized needs, requiring a unique combination of services to be provided. Each client will receive a free 30 minute consultation in your closet in order to determine the best services for you.

Closet Edit and Organization

We will begin by going through your closet together. This will give me the opportunity to better understand your personal sense of fashion and your lifestyle. We will go through each piece to determine if it should be kept or retired. You may need to try things on if you have not worn them in a while. The goal is to feel confident in every single piece left in your closet. Once we have determined what should be kept, I will visually merchandise and organize your closet in order to make it easier to see what you have and put outfits together. After your closet is organized, I will be able to make suggestions how to wear current items in new and exciting ways. You will no longer spend hours in your closet thinking about what to wear, as each piece in your wardrobe will fit well, flatter your figure, and serve a purpose.

Recycle Edited Clothes

I will make sure the clothes we agree to retire get to the appropriate outlet (re-sale and/ or donation center) and maintain the relationship making sure you get the proper re-sale value (up to 60% with my key resale partner) for items that are resold and/ or a donation certificate.

Closet Maintenance

Once I have organized and merchandised your closet, I will assist with seasonal wardrobe rotation, making sure current season items are more accessible. I will also make sure everything in your closet is in good condition and ready to wear, taking items to re-weaver, shoe repair, etc. if needed. Call on me anytime for a quick touch up or any emergency, as things get disheveled in our busy lives.

Travel Organization

Going somewhere for business or for pleasure? I will make sure you are organized and outfitted for your upcoming trip, making the most use out of each item to ensure as few items to pack as possible- I will even pack your bags! If you are missing key items, I will get them for you. You will have a detailed wardrobe itinerary to take with you on your trip, so it is one less thing you have to think about and maybe you will actually relax on your vacation!

Personalized Lookbook

The answer to the “what to wear” dilemma. Once your closet is organized, I will create a seasonal lookbook with outfits from your closet to make getting dressed easier. The lookbook will consist of 5 go-to outfits for each of several occasions (i.e. casual day, board meeting, dinner party, cocktail party, etc.) based on your lifestyle. **All organizational services have the option for me to provide organizational tools (hangers, drawer liners, etc.). Pricing will be discussed during the consultation.

Contact JWS Fashion Consulting at 404-423-8343 to schedule your closet organizing consultation.

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Personal Shopping

My style philosophy is less is more. I believe that having the right staple pieces and statement pieces in your closet is much better than having a lot of clothes to choose from. We will begin by discussing your lifestyle, how you dress on a daily basis, and the image you would like to convey. Our clothes are part of the impression we leave on others, so we want them to convey the right message about who we are. We will establish items that are needed in your wardrobe and fabrics and shapes that flatter your figure. We can either go shopping together or I can do the shopping for you and set up your own “shop” in the comfort of your own home. Having relationships with designers and stores in New York and around the world, I can bring in unique pieces that you cannot find locally.

Men’s Personal Shopping

Many men get overwhelmed when they walk into department stores and often don’t know where to begin searching through the abundance of selections offered. Based on a brief (I know guys don’t want to spend hours talking about clothes) discussion, and a quick browse through the closet, I can get an idea of what they need and bring new clothes to them to try on in the comfort of their office or home.

Gift Shopping

I often get asked where to find unique gifts. Whether it be a simple hostess gift, graduation, holiday, engagement, etc. I have a lot of resources to find unique items that will blow the recipient away and help you check off your gift list!  

Contact JWS Fashion Consulting at 404-423-8343 to schedule your personal shopping consultation.

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Personal Event Styling

Stressed out about what to wear to an upcoming event? I will help you find the perfect outfit for any specific event including yours or a friend’s wedding, a reunion, a cocktail party, etc. I will bring in clothes from New York, Atlanta, and online so you can have your own personalized and edited selection to choose from. I will style you from head to toe including accessories and hair and makeup suggestions.

Trunk Shows

All JWS clients will be invited to attend exclusive trunk shows and designer meet and greets.  

Contact JWS Fashion Consulting at 404-423-8343 to schedule your special event consultation.

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