Since I was a little girl, I have had an interest in fashion. I grew up in Atlanta, GA, and worked in women’s clothing boutiques throughout high school. In college, I spent my summers interning at a variety of fashion-related companies. But it was while working at Jeffrey Atlanta and Jeffrey New York that I became truly inspired to pursue a long-term career in fashion, trading warmer winters for the Big Apple after graduation.

I spent most of my career working for the incredibly talented designer Lisa Perry, known in the fashion world for her 60s silhouettes and pop art-inspired designs. I started off on Lisa’s retail floor as a sales associate and helped customers build their wardrobes. It was also during this time that I developed my eye for visual merchandising. I loved re-organizing the store to make it easier for customers to shop and creating eye-catching window displays on Madison Avenue.

I went on to manage Lisa’s wholesale business, developing relationships and ensuring the brand was well represented at top department stores and boutiques all over the world. As I take the next step in my career, these relationships will allow me to find exciting, unique pieces that aren’t locally available, to track down a specific item seen in a magazine, and to shop looks before they hit the stores.

I always knew I wanted to start a fashion related business of my own. JWS Fashion Consulting came about by combining all of the things I loved from my career in New York. My goal is to reinvigorate your wardrobe and reduce fashion related stresses by organizing and filling in your closet to make getting dressed easier and more fun.

In my spare time, I love spending time with my wonderful husband, family, and friends and traveling back and forth to New York, Los Angeles, and Paris and around the world whenever I can!